What Sets Us Apart

• Accredited by NAEYC,

the gold star in child

care standards.

• Loving and nurturing

environment that builds

a positive self concept.

• Locally owned, operated

• Constructivist curriculum

provides fun, hands-on

learning experiences

• All Preschool teachers

hold a degree in

education or a CDA


• 63% of our staff have

been with us 5+ years



Toddlers are curious and active learners. Gingerbread Academy's toddler program is designed to encompass these behaviors through developmentally appropriate experiences.

Our toddler program has two classrooms: one for children 18-30 months and another for children 30-36 months. Our curriculum in both classrooms includes both teacher directed and child directed activities which enhance self esteem and foster independence

• Younger Toddler Program

Developmental care in our toddler program meets the special needs of the growing two year old for love, guidance and learning. Our program stimulates the intellectual curiosity, thinking and talking skills of toddlers—as well as their physical and manipulative skills - all integral parts of the growth of this special age. Our younger toddler schedule includes two visits to our indoor motor room as well as our outdoor toddler playground.

• Older Toddler Program

Our older toddler classroom is located in our preschool program and contains art, literacy, block, dramatic play, sensory, science, and small manipulative centers. In each center, we build upon prior knowledge and incorporate children’s interests into classroom activities. Our toddler curriculum includes daily visits to the art room, indoor motor room, and outside playground. Potty training in this room occurs when both you and your child are ready.

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