What Sets Us Apart

• Accredited by NAEYC,

the gold star in child

care standards.

• Loving and nurturing

environment that builds

a positive self concept.

• Locally owned, operated

• Constructivist curriculum

provides fun, hands-on

learning experiences

• All Preschool teachers

hold a degree in

education or a CDA


• 63% of our staff have

been with us 5+ years


Since 1985, NAEYC has offered a national, voluntary accreditation system that helps early childhood programs meet high professional standards and helps families identify high-quality programs. Today, NAEYC Accreditation represents the mark of quality in early childhood education.

Preschool Program

Gingerbread Academy's preschool program addresses the whole child. Our emphasis is on enhancing self-esteem through developmentally appropriate activities that foster personal maturation and the ability to achieve success in a classroom environment. We cater to a wide variety of learning styles through individual, small group, and large group instruction.

By providing children with hands-on activities, they are able to learn and grow through a variety of experiences and in a variety of subject matters. Our comprehensive preschool curriculum is derived from the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards and ensures that your child is learning and having fun at the same time.

All of our preschool classes have the opportunity to rotate through engaging learning centers: language, math, manipulatives, writing, sensory, dramatic play, computer, science and nature, blocks, and art. Each class also visits our large muscle room, art room, and outdoor playground daily.

Enrichment activities such as cooking, in house field trips, and gardening add to the quality of our program. To explore why an NAEYC accredited preschool program like Gingerbread Academy is right for your child, please click on the link to the right.