What Sets Us Apart

• Accredited by NAEYC,

the gold star in child

care standards.

• Loving and nurturing

environment that builds

a positive self concept.

• Locally owned, operated

• Constructivist curriculum

provides fun, hands-on

learning experiences

• All Preschool teachers

hold a degree in

education or a CDA


• 63% of our staff have

been with us 5+ years


Gingerbread Academy's infant program emphasizes individualized care through consistency, warmth and security in an environment that stimulates the senses. This is accomplished by expert adult care and developmentally appropriate practices.

You can expect to receive a detailed report about your child’s day in our program that details food/bottle consumption, rest times, diaper changes, and activities.

We operate two infant classrooms with a total capacity for twenty-five children. Children are traditionally grouped by age.

• Younger Infant Program

Our younger infant room has a capacity for children 6 weeks to approximately 10 to 12 months. The staff to child ratio is 1:4. Infants in this room are all on their own personalized schedules for eating, sleeping and play. Our experienced caregivers engage with the children through sensory, music, literacy, and tummy time activities. Children are held and nurtured frequently.

• Older Infant Program

Children move to our older infant program between 10 months and 1 year. This room is licensed for twelve infants up to eighteen months. The staff to child ratio is 1:4.

Our older infant room features enclosed play areas to ensure the safety of your infant as well as an open area for exploration by your child as he/she learns to walk. The schedule in this room includes visits to the large muscle room daily as well as outside play on our soft playground surface. Art, music, sensory, language development, and social skills are an integral part of the program for this age group. We also use infant sign language in this classroom.

Infant Pictures